Welcome to Matters of the Body!  What better way to start off the New Year than embarking on a journey to cleaner and greener health and beauty…..with me.  My name is Rochelle and I am a makeup enthusiast as well as a certified Health and Beauty coach.  I’ve made it my personal mission to share with women how important it is to not only care about what we put in our bodies but what we put on our bodies as well.  Since completing my Health Coaching certification almost a year ago,  I’ve really made an effort to be more mindful of the ingredients in everything I buy whether it be food, cosmetics or cleaning supplies.  You’d be surprised the toxins we consume AND slather on our bodies multiple times every day!

In my pursuit for affordable greener cosmetics I’ve purchased some brands that I’m really enjoying.  However, I’ve also found that it can be difficult to find more natural make up brands that come in shades that are brown girl friendly.  This blog will mainly chronicle my journey to find  brands I love that are not only safe and perform well but that can accommodate a large range of skin tones. I’ll also sprinkle in any new dietary changes I’m making as well that support my commitment to an overall healthier lifestyle.

I’m so excited to share my thoughts and opinions with you all.  Please feel free to comment on any and everything I  post here. Thanks for stopping in.   My first product review is coming soon so stay tuned!!!!






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